Shriji Temple

Shriji , a beloved name for Radha , the daughter of this land and intimate companion to Krishna. It is one of the oldest temples in Barsana which is approximated to be built 5000 years ago on the Bhanugarh hill top. Temple’s another name is Ladli Lal ji temple means beloved Radha’s temple. This red stone temple was renovated and restored by Narayan Bhatt, a Vaishnavite. The temple was built during the reign of Akbar who was secular king , believes in equality of religions. Thus the temple architecture gives a clear shadow of the Mughal era architecture. Specialities of the temple are the sculpture inside the temple and magnificent paintings on the walls of the temple. Radha was daughter of Vrishbhanu whose temple is built at the beginning, on the way to hilltop temple. Shriji Temple is a landmark destination of Mathura tourism which every devotee should traverse.

Radha Kushalbihari Temple

The beautiful temple of Kushal Bihari was built by a Rajput king who was an ardent devotee of Radha-Krishna. The sculpture inside the temple is carved out of sandstone having slinky and beautiful designs. A graceful and lovely idol of Shri Radha is being placed at the centre of the premises. Before inaugurating the temple, it is believed that Radha came to King’s dream and asked him not to proceed with inauguration as it is not original place which belongs to Radha or ladliji. Thus, king built another temple for Ladliji or Radhaji on her place of origin and in the Kushal Bihari temple still you can see beautiful idols of Krishna, Radha and their allies in beautiful postures. This is one of the most beauteous places in the Mathura tourism and one should visit it during the tour to Barsana.

Dan Bihari Temple

As the name suggests, Dan- Bihari, Dan stands for donates and Bihari stands for Krishna, the temple has a famous story associated with donation. Once a poor Brahmin could not arrange the money for her daughter’s mairrage and remember Krishna in grief. Shree Krishna arranged the gold equivalent to the weight of Radha and donated it to the poor Brahmin.

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